Uncle Sam’s Identity Crisis

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Someone is in the market for a new identity but who can it be? I’ll give you a hint, they declared war on the middle east and the middle class. Still no clue, well they’ve handed over billions of dollars to banks for wrecking the economy so they could give their employees bonuses for doing such a good job! Give up? it’s none other than our good old Uncle Sam. That’s right, he needs a cooler, more compassionate face if he’s going to continue his dominance over most of the world. Back in the day, Uncle Sam played the role of hero when nations like Germany and Japan were fixed on conquering the world like barbarians at the gates of Rome ready to invade. But since then, America has looked more like the bully in it’s conflicts with other countries who were no match for it’s superior firepower and unlimited resources. It was only until 9/11/ 2001, that the U.S got back it’s former glory as war hero ready to take on the forces of evil and rid the world of tyranny once and for all.

Unfortunately, the public’s patriotism faded once the U.S went to war with Iraq and especially once the death toll of soldiers and countless Iraqi’s began to rise with little or no progress and billions of dollars worth of contracts given to the likes of Haliburton and Black Water. Once crisis after crisis started popping up like the financial meltdown of 08, swine flu, tornadoes, Katrina, oil spills, rising unemployment and the death of the American Dream, any policy that the U.S tried to employ was almost certainly doomed to fail . The United States has also tried its hand at more benevolent endeavors like sending aid to underdeveloped nations in Africa and earthquake ravaged nations like Haiti, but the aid that was intended for these countries are usually diverted back into the hands of corporate interests. All these different tactics which the U.S has employed are all apart of a bigger strategy to control a nation’s resources and political destiny. This has made many countries  distrustful of U.S intervention, even when it comes to thwarting drug trafficking as in the case of Columbia which has seen attacks against it’s coca farmers for growing the leaves which are used in the production of cocaine.

A noble cause which had the support of the local government officials went wrong when the U.S began targeting thousands of acres of crops for destruction which put coca farmers out of business. This brought unintended consequences as the leftist guerilla group, FARC, took over the production and distribution of Cocaine in the region. Years of financing and training the Columbian police to fight these terrorists has yielded a reduction in Cocaine production in Columbia, but now other countries in Latin America are seeing increases in their Cocaine production. These kind of failures are what fuels the  argument postulated by right wing, anti government conservatives who believe that less market regulation and smaller government are what is needed. This anti government sentiment has manifested in the creation of the Tea Party which has had significant political influence, especially in the last election, allowing republicans to win most of the seats in the House of Representatives.

This has also sprung up left wing dissatisfaction with the recent protests of the Occupy Wall Street movement which blame Krony Capitalism and the absence of government regulation for the financial collapse. The United States is in the political fight of it’s life as the extreme elements of its society are surfacing in opposition to it’s current power. This has made it more active in it’s own defense with attacks against political protests and civil rights with it’s signing into law acts which would deem anyone who spoke out against the United States a terrorist, imprisoning them indefinitely without due process. But will this policy help promote the American agenda or throw it into further decline like most other empires who eventually collapsed.

The United States is in a state of crisis which is unparalleled in its history. What it has represented in the past is no longer what it represents to most people of the world at the present moment, leaving it with some hard questions about it’s future role in the world. It clearly has lost the purpose it was intended for and has instead become only concerned with it’s own survival to the detriment of it’s citizens.  I suggest that it reaffirms itself and it’s true purpose which is tied to it’s identity. It must lead the world in the principles which it promotes like freedom, liberty and justice for all or it’s entire reason for existing comes crashing down. This of course is easier said than done with so many competing interests from different cultures, but it must be a priority if America is ever going to get back it’s former identity which has been hijacked by national corporations and political ideologues.


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